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Not sure whether movement arts is your thing, but you feel like it might just be?

You hear a beat, feel like grooving, but you are not sure whether you can?

Or do you just miss dancing with people?

If you remotely related to any of the above,


These are open-for-all community movement jams that involve fun games, guided improvisations, and choreographies that you can improvise on. Just drop in to start grooving!

Based on Pritha’s inquiry into processes to explore, research, and innovate, this workshop has been developed to adapt these creative tools for people wishing to explore movement arts– a non-judgmental safe space that encourages individuals to overcome creative blocks and explore, research, and innovate movement vocabularies to develop their unique expressions. Pritha delves into creative processes that unlock personal artistry based on embodied techniques synthesized from her training in various movement art forms. The core goal is to break away from the notion of 'correct and wrong styles' and discover a space where our artistic expression is not restricted by the perceived norms of genres and disciplines.




Beat the blues is about just that --- discovering how you can beat the blues with movement!

Through improv techniques, you will develop your own methods of movement exploration to meet your personal goals -- it may be learning to improvise, finding a  push to keeping up with your practice, unwinding after a long day, or getting together and dancing with fellow movement enthusiasts!

If you are looking for an engaging class where you will find the push to keep up with your workout without hitting the gym, THIS IS IT.  These classes are also designed to help you incorporate movement arts practices in your workout that can be adapted to your specific space limitations and lifestyle.

We will focus on:

movement flows that help you build strength, balance, and flexibility

developing spatial and body awareness

developing your own movement flows to address your specific needs

free-flowing, intuitive movements that can be used to build workout routines for effective body conditioning

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