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I started teaching when I was in 7th grade and had been teaching since then. I have taught at various platforms. I have home tutored, offered classes through my place, taught in school, taught in a coaching institute, and offered crash courses for NEET preparation in PU colleges. I have helped 30+ aspirants to clear competitive exams and interviews such as GATE (Ecology, life sciences), CSIR UGC joint NET exam (life sciences), UPSC prelims and main, CAT, and Bank PO prelims over last five years. Informally I have also taught BSc and MSc students various subjects like evolutionary biology, molecular genetics, biostatistics, basics of R programming, basics of biochemistry, basics of math, and basics of bioinformatics. I have also offered academic and career counselling to more than 50 students and their parents as well.
It has been a great experience of learning and gaining a better understanding of students’ academic requirements. I have taught over 3000 students of varied age groups, mindset, interests, and capabilities. I have personally witnessed their progress at various levels, not only in academics but also towards their personal goals in life.
In ongoing competitive race of careers, the key is to ensure that students grow strong from inside as a person as well as have developed interdisciplinary and integrative skill sets. This will help them not only start smoothly in their choice of career path but also to grow sustainably. For this, they need someone who can share their experiences from different domains of professional avenues. I have done engineering, academic research, and have worked in corporate also. I have understood the challenges of academia as well as corporate. I believe education is a life-long journey of learning, understanding, implementation, and discovering yourself. It is essential that as a teacher or as a facilitator of education, we ensure that students take the initial steps very carefully and mindfully. I strongly believe in individual uniqueness and respect it. Therefore, I aim to nurture it to gain maximum results. I strongly believe in an integrative learning approach and ensures that students understand and can connect all the
topics and subjects that they are learning. I also highly regard the value of ethics and empathy, and the vital role they play in the complete development of a person to become a valued human.
As William Butler Yeats aptly says it: "Education is not filling of a pail, but the lightening of a fire."

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